Show Me The Money

Laura called me to talk about doing podcasting together.

Along the way, she said, if you know of any way to get affiliates to send out emails for me, let me know!

I asked her what the problem was.

Laura said she had a $1997 program she was launching but none of her affiliates were sending out emails.

And oh, yes, she had a dedicated podcasting audience of 5,000, but she wasn’t selling it to them.

Can you spot the problem here?

  1. Some affiliates know how to launch. Many don’t.  They shouldn’t be in your posse.
  2. Affiliates get launch fever. They get high from that first shazamm!! Email.  A good affiliate manager can whip up launch frenzy, but Laura didn’t have one.
  3. Good affiliates like incentives. Laura said she had a condo in Cozumel, would that do?  Well yes, it would.


What about those 5,000 dedicated Listeners that were hanging on Laura’s every word each week? Was she marketing directly to them?


What could Laura do to get into the money and out of affiliate begging?

Bring her dedicated market closer to her best-priced  program

For example:

  1. Cut her program to $797, with a $997 upsell.  That is still a high price for a first-time offer, so…
  2. Put a drip-marketing system in place with contests, seductive interviews and freebies for her dedicated audience.
  3. Laura’s audience had been trained that Laura was “Free.”  Bad idea.
  4. They have to be re-trained to believe that they could make money if they invested in her.
  5. Laura’s program was too pricey, and no one could “test-drive” her. So…
  6. Plan a $97 “Get It Done Day” for her audience, so that many of them can participate in her coaching and “test-drive her.”
  7. Plan a full-scale launch, to launch the new program, complete with early-bird bonuses, last-minute incentives, and disappearing offers (yes, I know, but they work.)
  8. Create a small dedicated mastermind group from the people who choose to buy her program, and tell stories to her audience ALL THE TIME about the success her classes are having.

OK, we could go on and plan a full year that would upgrade Laura from a freebie business model to a highly lucrative one,  but do you see how you have to coax the market to the money?

And isn’t it easier and more fun you do it this way?

Wired For Burnout? How to Stop

The last days of summer.
The heat is drowsy out here in L.A.

And the red-gold dragonflies are
still circling the pond.

Dragonflies are a symbol of

Is something inside you ready
to let go?

Today’s story is about giving
the world your “real” story, and about
slowing down, neurologically,
to let more life in.

This is counter-intuitive, but it
leads to a booming
business and a happier life.

You may not know it, but
you may be “wired” for burnout,
overwhelm, and striving.

Here are 3 ideas on how to
change that.

“Your time is limited.  So don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  – Steve Jobs

1. How authentic are you in your business?

If you have a professional “face”
that you’re hiding behind, it will show.

People can feel it.  So can your prospects.

Energetically, you won’t ring quite true.

I was at Ted McGrath’s event 3 weeks [Read more...]

3 Surprising Secrets to an Unforgettable You

How unforgettable are you?

What do you do to stand out in your crowd?

Here are three surprising secrets to an unforgettable You.



Madonna doesn’t identify with Madonna.  She works for her.

(Remember Madonna was studied at
Harvard Business School as a brilliant marketer.

Marilyn Monroe was walking down 42nd St.
huddled against the rain, when a friend
mentioned her latest movie.

“Oh,” she said, “you want to see Her?”
And without changing a thing, this
wet bedraggled woman turned It on.

Within minutes she was in a stampede.


Just the opposite.

It means bringing out that huge, authentic,
possibly wild self inside, and turning up the heat to a “10.”

This huge, charismatic self is your persona.

This is not a facade.  It’s being YOU, on purpose.

It’s not the you that guzzles coffee in your pj’s.

It is the you that lights up a crowd
because you’re so definite, so real, and so powerful,
that you turn heads as you pass.

So who are you?

A leader, artist, rebel, teacher, thought leader,
guide, a safety net, a best friend, a cheerleader,
the Guy or Gal on speed-dial, the Golden Girl
or Guy?

If you think you can’t share your private story,
think again.

If you’re a coach, expert, or any kind of leader,
your real story – yes, that one – will draw
people to you in a way that nothing else can.

And it’s the rocket fuel that can push your
business through the roof.



What gives you an edge?
Push it.

What opinion do you wish you could share,
but it might scare people away?
Share it.

What about you bothers some people?
Bring it on.

Do not be afraid to turn some people off.
You will turn the right ones on.

Suzanne Evans is constantly offered diet plans.
“Fat is part of my brand!” she yells.
“When I want a diet I’ll get one!”

Are you trying to be all things to all people?
Stop it.  You’re a wallflower.

What clothes define the most powerful you?
Wear them.

Does something piss you off?
Let us know.

Are you afraid of your own power?
Test your limits.

Do know you know you have to work on
your brand?  It doesn’t just “happen.”

What’s the point of all this?

If you’re not leading, you’re chasing.
Stop chasing.  It’s a treadmill.

Apple chased Microsoft for 20 years.
Few people wanted Cool Computers in the 80s.

But when the market wanted cool phones and ipads?Apple’s core genius stuck gold.  And they exploded.

By the way, Steve Jobs was one of the
Brilliant few who made the message
as important as the product.

That’s Brand Genius.



Really make them feel.
So they can’t get enough of You.

Give them that real, authentic story
you think no one wants to hear..

Your market is waiting for you to
pick up that torch.

It’s your turn in the spotlight.

Take it.

* * *

Six stand-out brands:

2 Keys to Becoming an Unforgettable Brand

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

Not only is this at the heart of all relationships, of great speaking, and chance encounters…

How you make people feel is the heart of great marketing.

[Read more...]

5 Strategies for When You Hate to Work

Can you have a business
if you hate to work?


Here are 5 ways to have
a thriving company when
you really hate to work.

[Read more...]

3 Paths To More Moolah, Less Sweat


Yep, you’ve heard of them.

You’ve even done them.

Maybe it’s time to uplevel your opt-in rate and your game.

Did you know?

In terms of event-based marketing – webinars have made
many people more money than anything they’ve ever done.

The majority of Fortune 500 companies use webinars

The majority of Big Name consultants use webinars


Where else do you have the opportunity to
engage people for a good hour or so?

They can have incredibly high conversion rates.

They are great for facilitating partnerships.

They are your best chance to promote a partnership
out of your league, with a Big Name, if you’re lucky.

Done twice a month, regularly, webinars can bring you
private clients, group coaching clients, and sell your product.

Webinars are excellent lead generators.


I am now going to giving a plug for LEADPAGES.NET.

I listened to Danny Inny and Clay Collins about
the four most important pages on your site:

  • Opt-In pages that convert up to 70-80%,
  • Lesson Pages that convert 3-4X more than your blog
  • Webinar Squeeze pages that bring you twice the sign-ups
  • Sales Pages that are short, and psyched up to double your conversion

Check this out.

If you are doing webinars, Danny and Clay can send your
conversions out of sight.

And I am not an affiliate!  Just a fan.



Have you thought of adding workshops to your service?

Can you teach the public, or your peers?

If you do a virtual workshop (webinar)
or a live one:

1.  You can become known for your expertise
outside your field.

2. Marketing the workshop takes a bit of work,
but the workshop itself will market YOU.

3. You only have to come up with one workshop,
and you can offer it 4 times a year or once a month.

4. You can sell high-ticket items during your
workshop (people see you in action.)

5. You can charge $495 to $997 for these workshops.

6. 10 people 4 times a year is an extra $40,000.

You do the rest of the math.



Otherwise known as short-term memberships.

If you have a webinar, or teach a course, or
have a great product, some people may want
short-term support to get going.

So offer a 30-day, or 60-day, or 90-day club.

1. You work with them at your choice -
one full day a month, 2-3 calls per month,
a private forum, limited emails, etc.

2. There is minimal work on your part.

3. They get support and great partnerships.

4. You can upsell them at the end into a
higher-end program.

5. You can even make this evergreen by
creating support videos and postings that
work for the life of your product.

So they can join at any time.

They get massive value and content.

And you only have to get on the phone
for a Q&A once or twice a month.

Private calls with you, of course,
cost a lot more.

6. One 60-day membership for 10 people
at $495 is $4950.

One 60-day membership for 10 people
at $997 is $9970.

I think you can do the rest of the math!

The #1 Reason You Don’t Charge What You’re Worth

You and Elizabeth Taylor have a lot in common.

Fame meant nothing to her. “I’ve been famous all my life,” she said. “It never meant anything to me.”

Until her dear friend Rock Hudson died.

And she finally saw how useful her fame was.  And she used it to raise millions in his name. [Read more...]

Are you hiding from your own success?

So.  Are you hiding from your own success?

Seems like a stupid question, doesn’t it.

It’s not.  If you are not enjoying the success you want, right now, you are actually keeping it away.

I’m sorry.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

Here are 5 ways people hide from being successful.

See if any of them ring a bell.

1.  “I really want to be in the spotlight… I think.” If you are ambivalent about being in the spotlight, you’ll never get there.

Many people are shy, or would feel too exposed out there in the limelight.  Or they want extreme success, but “only if it meets their conditions.”

Your success has conditions too.

Do they match up?  Think about it.

2. “I just need one more certification.” Women, especially, fall into this pit. You have everything you need, RIGHT NOW, to make a beyond 6-figure income. Don’t go back to school and put it off.

3.  “I’d love to be super-successful, but I don’t want to be like those other gurus.” Meaning, usually, you don’t want to market like crazy,  put yourself out there, up your game, change your business, and again, market like crazy.

4. “Can’t people just find me? My work stands for itself.”

Not today.  Not ever, in fact.

This means you don’t want to promote yourself, because it feels:

  • Sleazy
  • Cheesy
  • Info-mercially
  • “Just not you”

Borrow a trick from Oprah, Richard Branson, and all the super stars:

Find your professional image, and promote that, not the Inner You.

5.  “I don’t want to seem bossy and overbearing.”

This belief is downright dangerous.

Want to know why more people aren’t following you?

Because you’re not leading them.

You’re not out in front of your market, with a clear powerful message.

So they can’t follow you.

Because you’re not leading.

You’re too busy chasing clients.

And if you chase them, who’s more valuable?

They are.  And they know it.

Become a leader.

Give your peeps a good reason to follow you.

You don’t know this, but they’re waiting for you to pick up that torch.

Join me on Thursday for a powerful look at what you can do to break the “just OK” cycle and accelerate the success you really want.

It’s your turn.

Take it.

How to Get A Flood of Clients from Your Online Marketing

Mothering is eternally underrated, and it’s the hardest job in the world.

So Happy Mother’s Day to everyone of you who mothers…children, cats, dogs, plants, and exotica.

My friend Jeannie mothers stray boa constrictors, abandoned African tortoises, and homeless iguanas.

My mother, 91, just bought a pair of 5-inch black patent wedgies… (gotta love those genes!)

The article this week is about something my clients want more than anything else… and I’d like to show you that yes, it’s completely possible.

So…want more prospects who just email you, asking how they can work with you?

No, it’s not a fantasy.

Here are some real stories of real people who made that happen.

1. Jack called me up last October. practically yelling through the phone:

“Guess what?

“I went on Linked In and discovered my perfect referral partners – they’re the attorneys who get in front of my insurance prospects.

“I’ve tripled my business since April.

“Now I’ve got clients all over the country.

“And I’m through with breakfasts, lunches, coffees and networking all over this city! Nuts to that!”

Jack tripled his business in 6 months with savvy Linked In partnerships.


2. Gail Martin wrote an urban fantasy novel 4 years ago. (

It was picked up by a small publisher in England.

“OMG,” thought Gail, “who will find this book?!”

So she went out on Facebook and found her tribe – people who loved urban fantasy.

She made friends with famous authors in the field and guested for them on their blogs.  (Very Important Strategy)

Gail has sold 400,000 books in the last 4 years.

Now Gail’s a famous author in the field.

She is also a social media master who spends 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week on social media.

It’s not hard.  Spend 10 minutes, 3 times a day on social media.  Use your Smart Phone.

That’s one of Gail’s secrets.


3. Robert had a 15-year-old marketing firm. He started writing articles 3 years ago.  He hired someone to put in the the tag words and place them on article sites.

When he reached 80 articles, he got his first client from the internet.

In two years, Robert had over 300 articles,  at 10 different sites around the net  – that’s 3,000 articles.

He received from 2 to 4 emails a week from prospects all over the world, asking to become clients.


4. Robert, again.

Article marketing may not be what it used to be as a lead generator.

So…Robert still writes articles for his blogs.

But now he generates leads to his blogs from Facebook and Twitter.

Robert’s associate targets appropriate audiences on Facebook and Twitter and sends them to the blogs.

He now gets 2-6 prospects a week.

Why?  Because he created 3 different blogs and sends targeted traffic from Facebook and Twitter to each of them.

(Don’t have a “associate” who can do this? Think overseas outsourcing.  It works.)

So…is it possible to get interested prospects “just” from the internet?

What do you think?

Wait til you hear my You Tube stories!

4 Thoughts That Keep You in Struggle

1. “The problem is..” 

This means you aren’t looking at possible solutions.

You’re focusing on the problem.

You may think:  “Of course I’m focusing on the problem!

How else can I solve it?!”

By focusing on solutions.

The problem seems impossible.  So side-step it.

What you focus on expands.

Think about it.

Successful people focus on solutions.

Start saying, “The best possible solution is…” instead.

(Full confession: This used to be one of my top phrases. I got rid of it.

The opportunities that have appeared in my life in the last 12 months are absolutely unbelievable.  Now I look only for solutions.)

2. “The reason why…”

Everyone has their own pet set of excuses.

What are yours?

Do you know your “reasons” define your life?

If Laura Hillenbrand could write “Seabiscuit” while she was so ill with chronic fatigue she could barely crawl to her desk…

If Steve Jobs could start a computer company out of his garage…

If Nelson Mandela could – you get the picture.

Find out what your pet reasons are for not having more of what you want.

Then watch how you stop yourself by believing in them.

3. “I know that.”

These are three of the most dangerous words in the English language.

Maggie was a highly gifted speaker and coach.

But she was miserable grinding out speech after speech with nothing to show for it – no clients, no fees.

She whined for years about how she “hated” speeches.

Not only did Maggie know exactly how to speak and sell from the stage, she actually taught it to others.  Successfully.

But in her mind, she “knew that” already, and it wouldn’t work. Besides, her meeting planners “didn’t allow her to sell.”

One day Maggie was hit upside the head by a tough-talking coach who dared her to follow her own formula at her next speech.

(Guess who that was?)

Just to prove the coach wrong, Maggie threw out her old speech, and followed every single speak to sell technique she knew.

She closed 40% of the room.

Whaddya know, it worked.

Maggie realized that she’d been spending years with her head up 6 her butt, so invested in knowing that it wouldn’t work that she never gave it a try.

What do you positively absolutely KNOW won’t work?

Bet you’re wrong.

4. “Impossible.”

Ellen wanted a business, but she had no idea how to start.

She was highly talented in a number of fields, but Ellen wanted the freedom of her own business.

“It’s impossible!  I don’t know how to sell,” she said. “I don’t know the first thing about how to begin.”

Ellen stewed in this bewildering swamp for a year. Then she bought a $29 program about how to sell.

She wrote an ad.

She was so swamped with calls – about 30 a week – that she hid from the phone.

So she took a course on selling, and found out how to sign up clients.  She had a full client load in a month.

But she still wanted the dream of free time.

So she invested in a coach.

Together they outlined a dream cash-flow business which would bring her $60K a year to start, while she worked for less than 15 hours a month.

When she wanted to double that income, she could hire another part-timer.

Today she is writing 3 hours a day and building a business that gives her the freedom she craves.

Nothing is impossible but the limits you set.

Do you have to see before you believe?

Or can you believe until you see it come true?