Are Your Clients High-Paying “Wise Rulers?”

Are your clients Healer Magicians? Wise Rulers? Revolutionary Jesters? Creative Leaders?

Here’s another question:

Ever had a high-maintenance, stubborn client who hates change and complains about your fees?

Did you know… you can “tweak” your client profile until you have a full load of eager do-ers who love your work and can easily afford you.

I huddled with Rosey Dow of last week and she gave me the freedom to pass on the details. I teach people to use numbers, word pictures, and Old Brain rules. 

Rosey teaches people which words sing to their ideal clients. 

If your current “ideal clients” are not high-ticket, eager achievers, you can start to market to the ones who are.

Does this work?

One of Rosey’s students was about to close up shop last January. Today she deliberately markets only to high-paying prospects who are low-maintenance, willing, and open to change.

She has a full client load, an eager waiting list, and a full mastermind.

Want to try it?   Can you find yourself and your ideal clients in here?

Revolutionary Jesters
Free spirits. Jesters want to have fun. To market to them, focus on the fact that:
  • His/Her days will be easier
  • He will set his own work hours
  • Be his own bossand have more time for the beach than ever before. 
  • He will be looking for less structure and more freedom.  
  • If you use words like “control” and “organization,” he will head the other way.
Concerned about transforming lives. To market to them, talk about:
  • The feeling of fulfillment, because they are living their calling
  • They want the satisfaction of seeing lives transformed for the better
  • Their What’s-In-It-For-Me is transforming more lives
  • A day at the beach has no attraction for them – they are here to help other people.
Wise Rulers/Sage
They are all about teaching and learning. Market with the words:
  • “teaching, education, mastery, specialize, being certain,” and “finding answers.” 
  • “3 steps to finding the answer for your followers or your market” is perfect. 
  • Numbers are especially effective with Sages.
  • They also like validation, facts and proof. 
  • Unlike Jesters, they like “control” and “organization.” 


Caregiving Leaders

Very concerned about making sure everyone is safe and warm. Market using words like:

  • “family and safety,” which are very important to them. 
  • They want rest (they are extremely tired) they are on duty 24/7. 
  • Talk about “de-stressing, take care of yourself for a change”–because responsibility lies heavily upon them. 
  • They need to feel appreciated. 
  • Forget more time at the beach – that is not in their game plan.

Where do you start? Figure out which type you are, and then interview 3 of your best clients.

  1. It’s essential to know who you are, so you have an authentic brand. Don’t try to be all things to all people (that’s a short route to broke.)
  2. The data from your client interviews will help you understand who you resonate with. Resonating with people you really want is essential. From there, you can create a personality profile, that shows you who your current ideal client is.
  3. Each type has words that speak only to their group. You can then begin to play around with these words, to attract more of your truly perfect clients. 

So, if at first your ideal client is a fun-loving Jester who can barely afford you, you can begin to tweak their profile to fun-loving clients who can easily afford you. 

Next time we’ll talk more about the specific words that draw them to you.

For now, know that the power to create your ideal client lies with you.

How to go from Conversation to Clients without Selling

Barbara was a top executive and small-business coach who could double the success of her clients.

But Barb confessed she had a painful secret.

She was great at having enrolling conversations where people were interested in what she did.

But then she ran out of gas.

“I really bond with people, and after I’ve talked to them for an hour I don’t know how to gently say, ‘This is what I can do for you…’ without feeling like if I’m selling them too soon.”

Barbara is like many of us who value our authenticity, or who love our conversations with people and feel like we’ve almost made a friend.

And how do you “sell” a friend?

“I feel as if it erases all my authenticity to offer my services without giving them something first,” she said. “But I know I’m leaving money on the table!”

This is a case of “the more you market, the less you have to sell.”

Barbara had two options, both of which she now uses to great success.


The next time Barbara talked to a prospective client, she said,

“By the way, since we’ve been talking about success traits, I have the ‘20 Executive Flaws That Prevent You From Making More Money’ in a 7-page report. May I send it over to you?”

And then she added, “Would you rather listen to it or read it?”

No one refused.

Barbara made sure her report rocked.

It was so provocative that when she followed up, she got a 90% response rate.

Everyone wanted to know how to get rid of their flaws – (work with Barb!)


For those people who said to Barbara,

“This has been so interesting, I’d love to call you and chat some more.”

Well, maybe…

Barbara needed something to separate the people who would hang on the phone for two hours and those who were prospective clients.

So she said, “Great! Call my assistant Carrie and set up a time that’s good for you.”

And if you don’t mind, Carrie will send you my Smart Bomb Quiz so we can get the most out of our call.

What’s the hidden value of a quiz?

  1. It uncovers the weak spots in the person who’s reading it, without you having to do it.
  2. It raises a healthy anxiety about those weak spots, so the prospect naturally wants toknow how to solve the problem.

    Even better is a quiz that grades your prospect into one of three categories.

  3. People love to know more about themselves, and a quiz with categories tells them what group they belong to, and where they are on the success/leadership/ (whatever your topic is) scale.
  4. A quiz gives you a pin-point idea of who you’re talking to, and what they need from you.

Barbara’s quiz was a stunning tool to convert casual prospects to hot leads.

Now Barbara has more clients, and she never worries about being authentic in casual conversations.

Try it. It works!